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Lionheart muay thai samui


Tony Olin

Founder, Trainer
Tony is a highly regarded Muay Thai fighter who has competed professionally in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand and Ireland. He is currently ranked no.2 in the 63.5kg weight division.
  • Kru Big
    Muay Thai Trainer
    With over 200 fights all over the world - from Canada, Africa, to China. He's nicknamed the Beast by our gym owner, Tony – Big will leave you drenched in sweat.
  • Kru Oh
    Muay Thai Trainer
    Brother of the famous Rachadamnern Champion Nong-B Kiatyongyut, Oh was a Muay Thai superstar on national television in Thailand. He may be quiet but hitting pads with Oh is no joke.
  • Kru Cheng
    Muay Thai Trainer
    He's had over 200 fights in some of the biggest stadiums in Bangkok. Cheng started young and you can find his fights all over youtube. You'll see him and his son running around with unbeatable smiles.
  • Kru Kob
    Muay Thai Trainer
    Started fighting at the age of 8, he's had over 150 fights all over Thailand. He's always cracking jokes, you'll leave a pad session with Kob tired and laughing!
  • Kru Kuat
    Muay Thai Trainer
    He's Fought in Rachadamnern and Lumpinee stadiums. Not only that, Kuat has fought in Iran and has experience in MMA cage fights. You'll be kicking like a champ in no time.
  • Kru Chat
    Muay Thai Trainer
    With an impressive history as a fighter, as well as a trainer in famous Bangkok gyms like Petchyindee and Lukbanyai, you will get better in no time with Kru Chat.
    He taught Muay Thai in countless gyms all over the world, you will be in good hands.
  • Kru Non
    Muay Thai Trainer
    Non was a highly regarded fighter in most of Bangkok's top stadiums until he was forced to retire due to an injury. He now dedicates himself solely to teaching his knowledge to others and has a great eye for detail.
  • Kru First
    Muay Thai Trainer
    Despite his young age, Kru First has a wealth of experience.
    He grew up in the famous Kiatphontip gym in Bangkok and was a Thailand champion in his teenage years. An excellent technician always pushing you to evolve.
  • Kru Nong B
    Muay Thai Trainer
    This man needs no introduction. Nong B is one of the highest-regarded fighters of his generation. With more than 300 fights under his belt, numerous stadium championships, and wins over names such as Anuwat Kaewsamrit and Saenchai, Nong B is an amazing teacher with a big smile.
  • Martin
    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Originally from Vienna, Martin has been our strength & conditioning coach since the very first opening in 2017. He has trained a vast variety of people over the years, from fighters needing the extra edge to people losing weight or recovering from injury.
    Rest assured you get that extra percent with Martin.
  • Kru Kom
    Yoga & Mobility Coach
    Kom is your go-to person for mobility, flexibility, aches, and pains.
    If any of the above seem of interest to you, talk to us for a session with him.
Lionheart muay thai samui

our trainers are real fighters and TAKE PART in actual fights. They are completely professional and skilled!