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Expected expenses & Budgeting

Everyone is on a different budget but we got packages and accommodation options to suit all. As well as that we list a lot of other pricing for things you may need to make planning your holiday much easier.

Packages pricing

Training package:

1 week : 3000thb

2 weeks : 5,000thb

3 weeks : 6,000thb

4 weeks : 7,000thb

12 weeks : 14,000thb

Training and food package:

1 week : 6,500hb

2 weeks : 10,000thb

3 weeks : 13,000thb

4 weeks : 17,000thb

12 weeks : 48,000thb

VIP Package:

1 week : 10,500thb

2 weeks : 19,500thb

3 weeks : 28,000thb

4 weeks : 36,5000thb

12 weeks : 98,000thb

Personal training:

1 hour session: 800thb

10 sessions: 6,000thb


MT Class: 400thb

10x MT classes: 3,500thb

Fitness Class: 400thb

10x Fitness classes: 3,500thb

Yoga class: 400thb

10x Yoga classes: 3,500thb

Extras and other expenses:

Thai massage: 300thb

Oil massage: 500thb

Scooter rental : 250thb/day

Scooter rental 1 month: 3,000thb/month

Gasoline price: 30thb/liter

Taxi to/from airport: 600thb

Laundry: 40thb/kg

Wifi: free

Training gear:

Hand wraps: 450thb

Gloves: 2,200thb

Shin-guards: 2,000thb

Groin guards: 650thb

Skipping rope: 400thb

Training gear:

Lionheart Muay-Thai vest: 600thb

TRX suspension training cables: 1200thb

Fighting tape: 160thb

Thai oil: 160thb

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